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Suppliers must meet the following criteria:

C&H STAMPING, INC. expects all of our suppliers to comply and/or cooperate with the following requirements.  Failure to commit or comply may result in removal from our approved supplier registry.

QMS – C&H STAMPING, INC. does not require registration to a QMS standard.  However, you may not qualify for certain projects, if you are not compliant.

Corrective Action – When C&H STAMPING, INC. requests corrective action you are required to respond within 5 days, take containment actions immediately and complete permanent corrective actions within 30 days.  If you require more than 30 days, containment must be maintained, and C&H STAMPING, INC. must be updated with a corrective action timeline.

Measurement Systems – When taking and recording measurements on C&H STAMPING, INC.’s products you are required to use a measuring device that is capable and has had its accuracy verified within the last year, as a minimum.  Handheld devices must have accuracy verified within 6 months, as a minimum.  All devices used to take measurements that will be recorded must be in a formal positive calibration recall system.

Process Changes – C&H STAMPING, INC. must be notified, if the process by which you produce or service our product changes.  Process changes include but are not limited to material changes, metal finishing processes, heat treat processes and type of equipment.

Document Control – All documents provided by C&H STAMPING, INC. are considered to be proprietary and may not be copied or transferred without written permission from C&H STAMPING, INC

Records Control – All records created in connection with our product must be retained for a minimum of 3 years and be made available to C&H STAMPING, INC. upon request.  Records that require a signature may not be created in pencil.

Delivery Performance – C&H STAMPING, INC. expects delivery in accordance with purchase order requirements for all orders of products and services.  Notification is required upon receipt of order if delivery requirements cannot be met.

Right of Access – C&H STAMPING, INC., its customer or its agent will have the right to access your facility in order to verify the status of the product being produced or the service being provided on behalf of C&H STAMPING, INC.

Purchase Order Requirements – Purchase order requirements supersede these requirements where there is a conflict.  If a product or process is being subcontracted, the applicable purchase order requirements imposed by C&H STAMPING, INC. shall be flowed down in writing to the subcontractor.

Inspection – It is expected that all products and services provided to C&H STAMPING, INC. be inspected by the supplier prior to shipment.  When not 100%, a statistically proven sampling plan shall be used.